Guaranteed Auto Protection G.A.P.


If your vehicle if totaled or stolen, your primary auto insurance may not be sufficient to pay off your loan

or lease! When a car is stolen and not recovered, or damaged beyond repair (totaled), most insurance

settlements are based on the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle. Due to depreciation, your loan

or lease balance may be more than the actual cash value of your car. Therefore, your insurance

coverage may not be enough to cover the amount that you still owe on your loan or lease contract. If a

total loss occurs, you could end up having to pay the difference between the insurance settlement and

what you owe out of your own pocket.


Enjoy all the benefits of G.A.P. for an affordable one time fee!


G.A.P. Coverage can be obtained at the same time you purchase or finance your vehicle. This

protection will cover the difference between your primary insurance settlement and the pay-off of your

loan or lease. In addition, the G.A.P. coverage will pay up to $500 of your primary insurance deductible

on a loan, or up to $1,000 on a lease.


Do not be surprised by having to pay money out of your own pocket to cover the balance of your loan or

lease if your car is stolen and not recovered, or totaled. Contact us for details


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